Best Balance Bikes for Your Kids

To meet the needs of customers, in the market today, there are many balanced bike appearing with a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices. That is why parents bewildered in choosing the balance bike that best suits your children. Consider the various aspects to know the real factors that you need. Here is a article providing the best balance bike for children at different ages, starting around 18 months to 2 years old.


  • Kazam Classic Balance Bike:

With rates from $ 20 to about $ 40, consistent than the competition and is considered a good choice, it was a bike with traditional design comes seat and steering wheel easily adjustable. Vivid colors, eye-catching, inspiring the young, it is suitable for children weighing less than 75 pounds. Tires are made of rubber and are always inflated air. The handlebar is made from soft plastic and no brakes. At the front of the seat with leg room feels comfortable for your child. The chassis is made of materials is definitely a unique feature and the seat is one of the most comfortable mattresses and balance bikes for children. Basically, the Kazam combines clever use of bearings and solid metal that many competitors try to cut corners. It is built with very general better numerous redundancy features that compete with other rivals.

  • Strider 12 Classic No-pedal Balance Bike

With its affordable price, diverse colors, seat easily be adjusted, and reasonably lightweight at 6.7 pounds and keep children up to 60 pounds. Use foam industrial tires and equipped with footrests on the frame behind the seat. It does not include brake but without some grip to the handlebars. It also works very well for children in a variety of ages with an easy to adjust the seat. However, because the use of super-soft tires should be less durable than other types, therefore, when she used in rough terrain, really worn tires and was lumpy, tire quickly broken


  • Mini Glider Balance Bike

At first glance, users have found that this product seems to be combining the best features of Strider and Kazam adroitly. Mini Glider with a compact design and incorporate a foot rest and is equipped with rear wheel brakes. The vehicle to be informed with the average price in accordance with the object. At first glance, you’ll see it seems like with the mountain bike and seat adjustment with a quick-release clamp.  It fits in with many child objects, ranging from £ 9 up to 100 pounds. It uses the EVA filled tires make it easy to maintain. Class chassis is made from aluminum to help keep it light and also have solid rubber tires to prevent puncture. There is a hand brake on the bike, as well as a foot peg remaining below the central bar to make it easier for your child to put your feet up. One thing more particularly, tumor grade lifetime warranty.

  • Schwinn Balance Bike 12-inch

With the cheapest prices on the market and as diverse in color, this is one of the best option that you should consider. Designed like a traditional bike, have a seat can be adjusted. But no handbrakes or footrest but this means that your child will feel safe and well put his feet on the ground. Tires and tubes for air a simple rolls, flexible seating height for that kid growing plus adjustable handlebars. The best feature of this car is how close it is the style of a traditional bicycle and foreign tire buffer. It is made of aluminum alloy contributes to the light weight, and weighs approximately £ 7.

Read and refer to the article and find the most appropriate balance bike for your children!


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Benefits of Balance Bikes for Kids

Listen to our sharing of the best excellent and suitable balance bike for your child. This can give you the necessary information that you need to take in order to make good decisions and be more confident. Nowadays, the bikes with pedals are being caught at most from the city to the rural areas, playgrounds, sidewalks…They quickly began to replace the softer and more difficult to use tricycles wheels or training bikes. And a bicycle with the introduction of new features, being known as balance bikes, or also call after different names such as running bike, push bike, or surfing bike, get free pedal , chain and crank.


When using a bike with this new feature, the child can fully get useful skills during learning the basics like learning how to balance and coordinate their activities to be able to handle the bicycle easily. Quite simply, the kid just sits somewhere between a bicycle and continue to balance going forward. When getting together with the movement and become more confident, they sit and walk, then run, and slowly glide faster! Some children have the ability to really be able to do this since childhood, usually after two years old.

There are many great benefits to health when used and use balance bikes are given as follows:

  • The children will have access to exciting surroundings than spending time playing video games, tablet, smartphone and television, thereby reducing the risk of obesity due to physical inactivity.
  • Confidence will be significantly improved. Children can hold and shuffled on the floor so they do not fear being tilted or falls away. This creates a sense of security and peace of mind children will have fun with the cars. The seat on the bike is set stably at an extremely low position to have controled proactive in fending. Improved safety and building and strengthening confidence for children from a very young age.
  • Kids of any age who are also very active, and curious to explore everything around, to enjoy and have fun, so this bike is a reliable companion in childhood , a toy stimulates physical development as well as the spirit of the children. The physical activity with bike also contributed to increase the absorption and concentration of your children in the learning process.
  • Velvety, smooth operation on various types of terrain such as on sidewalks, asphalt, pitch, the garden, or even slightly rough terrain with a few stones, but on condition that the tire is made of a material to ensure. If your child is having trouble with the transition from a tricycle to a two-wheeled bike, the bike balance is really a great product to own and consolidate support level different performance in various ways.
  • Help your child get acquainted and training to learn the basic rules of road safety.
  • Improving health with more outdoor activities
  • Getting acquainted early and practicing skills expertly balance before starting to ride a bike with pedal.
  • Promote and incorporate as a fitness activity every day.
  • Improving the ability to react quickly when faced with different situations.


In order to meet growing demand and increasing diversity of the customers, the manufacturers have launched many new brands and models have appeared on the market, with growth in some years incredible past and expected to increase further. This product is suitable for children of all ages, even adults, popular worldwide! Hopefully the benefits that a balance bike will make you immediately want to own this wonderful car for your child to make sure the child can start easily ride a two-wheeled bike. Certainly, your children will have a great experience the exciting products!

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How to maintain your Balance Bike

A balance bike is probably no stranger to the family with small children, because it is known as a useful tool for parents to help children develop the necessary and comprehensive skills for the exercise with a two-wheeled bike later. For two-wheel bike, mainly the little difficulties often encountered there was no skill to keep a balance without falling down. Not only is a fun toy, but also the balance bike is a tool to prevent the child’s fears. This bike allows the children to keep a delicate balance on two wheels, but when getting trouble, the children still set foot on the ground at any time if they feel their car can be tilted and gone down. The main feature was created to study the peace of mind to use.


The balance bike is suitable for children of all ages, as they began to get acquainted with the tricycle. You can support children to utilize a balance bike and enjoy it as a fun toy. It is particularly in this bike is that it brings psychological freedom, not having to worry about anything, not like when using a normal bike. When you own an interesting bike, you also need to learn how to take care of it carefully for possible long-term using. The children are too young to be aware of the necessary of maintaining and preserving the bike, so you need to guide them carefully. There are a number of tips which are provided to maximize the features of the bike and to use it effectively for a long time such as:

  • First of all, you should be concerned about tires every day and know how to inflate tires in moderation, avoid premature tire or too tense are also dangerous for the children as well as damage to the bike. Check the tires always in the ready state and the deflated signs, be injected immediately.
  • Regularly check periodically to other parts like bearings, wheels, frame when they have any signs of leaks or problems. If so, please use a little oil to lubricate the parts, clean the parts with detergent if you use it to create squeak. Only use a thin cloth, avoid too much oil to lubricate lightly and avoid dust. Note that when cleaning only use a damp cloth, and then wipe dry to avoid rust.
  • Keep your bike indoors, dry cool area, avoid mold, to avoid adverse impacts of weather. Any bike if exposed to the external environment has long will begin to rust and low reliability.
  • Ensure that the car has a height suitable for your child to be able to comfortably legs and feet can touch the floor so your baby feel more secure.
  • Choose the flat terrain, not too steep, so the childrem can adjust the speed safely and also to ensure the durability of the tire.
  • Use them regularly if not quickly rusted vehicles, as well as the psychology of the children  will get used to exercising with balance bike.
  • The speed is calculated in proportion to its own children can steer and control the bike stability without regard to other factors. B alance bike helps children a good exercise regime to burn calories and more energy.


Once owning this great product, hope that you will also interested in preserving the balance bike carefully in order to save costs, increase longevity. Not too complicated, you just follow the instructions on purchases, information associated manuals, or other useful information from in this article, Take the children to experience this great product for a long time enough to become familiar and confident start new journey.

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How to Ride a Balance Bike

 The children learn how to  ride a balance bike on the settle and get used to balancing issues. From getting acquainted early will help the child to solve this problem easily. Children have the ability to control a balance bike faster and more stable with reasonable confidence to balance yourself on a bike. Then, once used to keep a balance, children begin to get familiar with the bike really, this time her work will be a lot lighter. They just have to learn how to use pedal competently without concern over the problem of balance again. These products, balancing bikes will become efficient supporter for the children during practice and get used to the bike later.


In the first period, if you want your children to get used to the cycling early, perhaps balancing bike could be the perfect starting. They are designed with convenient such as: easy to use, basic, child-friendly, so you can feel secure when they come into contact and began studying sanctifying first step on how to straighten and control without worrying about anything else. The first thing you should note that setting the height of the saddle, often less than a normal bike. This aims to help children easily touch both of feet on the ground even when they’re on the seat when not really acquainted with the balance. Typically, a balance bike will be equipped with a brake, it is a good idea to start and guide you how little to use this equipment effectively. At first, take a walk with your children while they ride a balance  bike, little guidance in using force to squeeze the hand brake to reduce speed to slow down or stop if they want.


During the preparatory and starting stage, sometimes, the children will not completely confident, and would only dare to start with small steps slowly and somewhat uncertain. You do not worry about this problem, it is completely normal and happens to most children in the beginning. They may have difficulty in raising the legs to keep her balance and begin moving. Meanwhile, please support for children affected by the steering wheel, to help children adjust more firmly. But this assistance should only last for a short time, then you should not continue to influence and direct them, children need to learn to control his actions. If your baby is still not used, you need support and help for the baby by holding under their arm, or her shoulder fixed to provide children confidence. After the workout to stage children become more confident, they can walk along and maneuver the bike to go where they want.

After time, your child will begin to evolve into run. Finally, they will be able to conduct long way by lifting both of feet off the ground. Be encouraging and cheering when they start to do this, and do not forget to help them if they need your help to lift your feet for long periods. During this period, the children may become more active with new pleasures. When actually did know, you can start navigation to set using bike with pedals. Because the children have learned how to use the brake and keep the bike balanced, which gives them advantages on the road to adventure in itself.

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How to Choose the Best Balance Bike?

When you decide to buy the balance bike for the baby, it’s the best way to pay attention to the different aspects of this type of bikes. Considering some factors such as suitable size for your baby’s age, quality of materials, seats, controller and some other important aspects. This article will provide useful information so you can find the best products, best suited to meet the demand.


  • Quality:

First, check the quality of materials, sizes of bicycle frames – the most important factors that constitutes a good and reliable bike. Popular materials for making steel chassis or from high quality aluminum, high strength, long longevity. If the balance  bike is made from steel will likely keep better weight but susceptible to rust if stored in a bad environment. On the other hand, aluminum bike has a lower weight limit, but easier to implement, because they are very light, easy to move. Some are made of wood and composite materials will be slightly inconvenient however because such vehicles can not adjust the height.

  • Allowed  weight

This factor depends on age, height and weight of the child to determine the allow weight compared with the bike. Do not exceed the permitted limits for children, it can be damaged when control the bike, which is not conform with their weight.

  • Height

Another aspect is known as the most important to consider any balance bikes for children’s seat height over ground. Because the balance bike can be used immediately or even for a long time. With the bolts are not too complex, you can easily adjust the height matching with the children’s height.

  • Tires

There are many different types of materials and sizes of tires for balance bikes. Most preferred types tire air is added buffer, standard atmosphere, honeycomb rubber, solid rubber or hard plastic tires. Each of types will bring different benefits. For example, foam tire puncture resistant, solid rubber tires punctured and have great traction, tire air cushion to provide extra cushion, standard tire air may explode if not careful hitting sharp objects…

The children often do not have the power at hand to be able to coordinate pull brakes, so they always take advantage when you want to stop the bike. Not all balance bikes will focus brakes, but if you are looking for a mechanism to stop the bike, it may be a good idea.

  • Warranty

One of the most important factors when buying relatively a balance bike and normally lasts a few years. Maybe they will not use it for too long but it needed to ensure good use during and after the warranty period.

  • Price

The last thing to consider when looking to buy a bike balance is affordable to your budget. There will be more given the price range, do not expect to pay the greater amount you can buy good products. Consider every aspect to make a smart consumer.


Please consider carefully the assessment of the balance bikes before deciding to choose a vehicle that uses the child. Additionally, make sure that the children have high enough, the appropriate weight to be able to control the balance bikes.

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Introduce about Balance bicycle

 A balance bike is known as a toy which guide the children about the first skills. It is a great way to get children without hurt, bruised knees, insecurities and tears. This product is suitable for all children aged from 18 months to 10 years old can use and enjoy the freedom of cycling! Balance bicycles not only the interesting and useful toy for children to exercise daily, but also teach kids have the ability to combine multiple skills such as coordination, balance, mobility and strengthening health, confidence and create a positive experience cycling in the age of the children. A balance bike is suitable for children is designed without pedals, chains, is a bike works well to allow a child to learn to ride a bicycle capable of easily by learning how to balance before learning the correct way to bike.


Do not miss the opportunity to introduce the wonderful  balance bicycle to your children, so they can happily and easily use them. With multiple and simple nice design, the children can learn to balance and steer the collective management of their activities. The parents need to know and understand the essential difference between the balance bike and regular children’s pedal bikes through the following factors:

  • Balance  bicycles without pedals – the children must learn to move the bike by pushing the foot on the ground, but still supported by the chain.
  • Balance bike without stabilizers – the feet of the children can move on the ground to balance and use a foot against the floor when the bike sideways or stop.
  • Balance bike not use the support of the brake – this allows the children to focus on the most important skills of balance management and direction function without being distracted.


At first, the children must get used to keeping one foot firmly on the ground. Once familiar with the movement, they will begin to lift both legs, pedal forward to balance and adjust to the bike. During exercise, get acquainted with balance bike is very fast, very soon the children will confidently adjust for his bike competently. You can use the bike balance in any smooth or rough terrain, in the home or garden, deserted streets, sidewalks, lawns .. Children can use balance bikes to go to the destination quickly and easily. But do not forget to protect your children’s head with helmet in order to ensure certainty about the safety for them.

Balance bike diverse of selection of shapes, colors, excellent designs, but besides that the manufacturer also pays special attention to the safety factors, longevity with appropriate prices to meet yet another budget conditions of each family. Sometimes, looking to buy a bike balance can become difficult problems and challenges uncomfortable if you do not have the necessary practical knowledge. Try to learn the articles evaluated on products, also need reliable addresses where you can get a bike great balance with affordable rates. The main choice you’ll have to make before you decide to learn the process of procurement of such factors as size fit, materials, and wheel … Moreover to buy a perfect  bike balance, you should read the specific comments from the online market.


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