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Dental Care

by Maya Nicole Baylac

Recommended Daily Dental Care
Avoid toothpaste containing methyl lauryl sulfate, fluorine or baking soda. Fluorine may affect the thyroid in the same way as chlorine does by displacing the iodine atom in the formation of thyroxine, the thyroid hormone.
Baking soda, the common name for sodium bicarbonate is a sodium compound which is prohibited during the Gerson Therapy .

Root canals
Root canals have shown to weaken the immune system and slow down or even prevent healing from degenerative illnesses. Root canals create a chronic local infection with bacteria that may migrate, much like cancer cells, to other parts of the body and may infect vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, joints, nervous system, brain and eyes. To maximize your chances of success with any detoxification program you should have your root canals removed. Some dentist will try to replace the old material by a new material that is supposed to be less toxic. The issue is not only the toxicity of the material used to fill the dead space but the dead root itself. A bridge is today most healthy way to replace the root canal. Implants are not recommended.
The guidelines for removal of the root canals depend on your current state of health. If you feel weak, we will wait until you feel stronger. If you feel strong we will go ahead and advise to remove the root canal as soon as possible.

Silver Mercury amalgam fillings

The Scientific facts
Mercury is highly toxic heavy metal more so than lead, cadmium or arsenic. Methylmercury and mercury vapors are the most toxic forms. Dental amalgams are approximately 50% mercury. One average size amalgam filling contains about 780 milligrams of mercury, which is enough to exceed the USEPA non-dietary Mercury Intake Standard for over 100 years. Mercury is not locked into the amalgam and exposure increases with chewing, brushing or heat. It takes 90 minutes for the amount released to come back down to the original levels. Mercury vapors enter the cells very easily and penetrate the blood brain barrier and the placental membrane. It takes the body 30 to 70 days to eliminate an average dose inhaled in one day.
Human autopsies have shown that dental amalgam mercury builds up with time.
Studies show that mercury damages the brain and nervous system, the thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands, the heart and lungs, as well as hormones and enzymes. It is a very potent suppressor of the immune system and is known to damage the brain and nervous system of unborn babies.
Mercury when placed in the teeth generate an electrical current. The health effects of these currents are as yet unknown.
The American Dental Association, OSHA and the EPA, have declared leftover scrap dental amalgam to be a toxic hazard to dental personnel, to the dental office and to the environment. However they do not recognize these amalgam to be a potential health problem when they are lodged in the teeth of individuals. Therefore, dentists and doctors do not take into account the health problems caused by mercury.
Mercury also accumulates in fish. The larger the fish the more mercury it concentrates. Tuna contains the largest amounts.

Symptoms of mercury toxicity
Mercury toxicity affects most systems:

  • Central nervous system
    Anxiety/nervousness Restlessness* Emotional instability *Loss of Memory * Inability to concentrate * Insomnia * Mental Depression * Manic Depression * Suicidal Tendencies * Numbness and tingling of hands, feet, fingers, toes, or lips* Muscle weakness progressing to paralysis * Ataxia * Incoordination * Tremors/trembling of hands, feet, fingers, toes, lips, eyelids, tongue
    Mercury has been associated with numerous autoimmune diseases in particular multiple sclerosis and ALS a motor neuron disease.

  • Head, Neck, Oral Cavity Disorders
    Bleeding gums * Alveolar bone loss * Loosening of teeth * Excessive salivation Foul breath * Metallic taste * Tissue pigmentation * Leukoplakia * Stomatitis * Ulceration of gengiva palate tongue* Dizziness/acute, chronic vertigo * Ringing in the hears * Hearing difficulties, speech and visual impairment * glaucoma *

  • Gastrointestinal effects
    Food sensitivities, especially to milk and eggs * Abdominal cramps. Colitis, diverticulitis, or other G.I. complains * Chronic diarrhea/constipation * Kills beneficial intestinal bacteria

  • Cardiovascular effects
    Abnormal heart rhythm * Unexplained elevated serum triglyceride, unexplained elevated cholesterol * Abnormal blood pressure, either high or low.

  • Immunological
    Repeated infections * Viral and fungal infections * candida and other yeast infections * Microbacterial infections * Cancer * Autoimmune disorders * Arthritis * Lupus Erythematous (LE) * Multiple sclerosis (MS)* Scleroderma * Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis * Hypothyroidism

  • Systemic effects
    Chronic headaches * Allergies * Severe dermatitis * Subnormal body temperature Cold clammy skin in particular feet and hands * Excessive perspiration with frequent night sweats * Unexplained anemia * Chronic kidney disease * Nephrotic syndrome * Kidney infection * Adrenal disease * General fatigue * Loss of appetite with or without weight loss * Loss of weight * Hypoglycemia * B vitamin deficiencies.
    From "the IV-C Mercury Detox Program , Guide for the patient" a companion book to "Chronic Mercury Toxicity New Hope Against an Endemic Disease" by Sam Queen and Betty A. Queen

  Silver Amalgam Mercury Fillings Removal
It is important to remove these amalgams. However, it has been shown that mercury toxicity increases at the moment of removal Therefore,it is recommended to remove the amalgams when you are feeling strong. To avoid toxic overload, only remove one or two at the same time.
To accelerate elimination of mercury from the tissues chelation may be performed.

Dental work is done under local anesthesia by the means of a painkiller such as xylocaine compounded with epinephrine. The usual dose of 2 cc is very toxic and unnecessary for someone with a clean and sensitive system.
The guideline consist of using only 1/3 of the average dose and no epinephrine
To help with the elimination of the toxic material it is recommended to take 5000 mg of vitamin C daily for a period of 5 days preceding the anesthesia and during the treatment.

Resources for information about Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings

*Available from Bio-Probe 800 282 0670
**Available from Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation 800 366 3748
  1. *Dentistry Without Mercury, Ziff & Ziff $5.95
  2. Toxic Teeth, Murray Vimy,DMD $10
  3. *Silver Dental Fillings- The Time Bomb. Ziff $14.95
  4. *Dental Mercury Detox, Ziff &Ziff, &Hanson $5.95
  5. *Solving the puzzle of Mystery Syndromes, Are Your Amalgam Fillings The Missing Piece? (Case history and information) $5.95
  6. *Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care, Hal Huggins, DDS& Thomas E. levy, MD $14.95 (Recommended)
  7. Health and Heart Disease, Ziff & Ziff $5.95
  8. Missing Link? A Persuasive New Look at Heart Disease as it relates to Mercury, Ziff & Ziff $12

**Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston Price, DDS $19.95
**Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon $25

WEBSITES (DAMS and Consumers for Dental Choice) (DAMS Intl.) (Legislation and litigation) (International Academy of Oral Medicine &toxicology) (Dr. Vimy web's page) (Hal Huggins website)

  • DAMS (Dental Amalgams Mercury Syndrome) 800 311 6265
    DAMS is a support group of dental mercury victims and volunteers who feel a strong obligation to inform fellow citizens of the health hazards associated with amalgam fillings. Call for free introductory basic information packet on non-toxic dentistry, list of practitioners in your state familiar with non toxic dentistry, book list. Membership and journal $15 and $25
  • AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) 316 684 5500
    7701 East Kellogg, Suite 625, Wichita, Kansas, 67207,
  • IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) 407 298 2450 PO Box 608531, Orlando, FL. 32860-8531
    Membership and quaterly journal $35. Information on nutrition, dental issues, natural healing, environmental issues and more.
    Membership and quarterly journal $40

  • Huggins, DDS, 719 522 0566.
  • Energy Performance, 800 331 2303
  • Clifford Consulting and Research, 719 550 008 (Dental Material Compatibility Testing)

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