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Learn from Dr. Gerson, and Dr. Baylac, how to detoxify the body from the harmful effects of drugs and chemicals, and then rebuild it with foods rich in nutrients - this will lead to cardiovascular health.
Also read about what to do, what steps to take if you have cancer.

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The Heroic Journey to Wellness
A two week cardiovascular health program

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the USA. As obesity increases, so do the number of new cases of diabetes and cancer. These diseases are simply reflections of a pathological society promoting poor lifestyle habits- sit and drive to work, sit and watch TV, sit and overeat stimulating foods saturated with salt and fat, but deprived of the true nourishment of vitamins, minerals and enzymes; limit your creativity and freedom to the issues of a consumer's choice, avoid the real issues: does your life have a purpose? Did you realize the potential you were given at birth? What happened to the adolescent's dreams of embracing the world and living life fully? Have you been growing spiritually and emotionally? Have you been nourishing your heart? After a few years of poor lifestyle habits, some red lights are flashing here and there. Maybe you are fatigued or you have low energy. Maybe you are depressed, dissatisfied or unhappy. Your doctor says you are Prozac deficient. But you continue ignoring these signals and stuff your stomach with insulting foods to numb the fear and shut out the little voice saying that things could be better.

Much suffering could be avoided with a little self introspection and self awareness. This is where it starts. Acknowledging the despair, feeling the despair and not wanting to cover it up any more. It takes courage and honesty. Just turn off the TV for a minute. Just throw away the bag of potato chips or the fifteenth cup of coffee and sit in silence with yourself. Are you courageous enough to let the despair and loneliness emerge from the silence of your heart? Are you courageous enough to ask for help? I know you are desperate or you would not be sabotaging yourself, eating sugar or smoking cigarettes day after day thinking you will stop tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Asking for help is where your path starts. Accepting your powerlessness to change and having the humility to reach out . This is real strength. This is where trust starts and when miracles happen.

I have been walking the same path, waiting for you to come by. I will guide your first steps in the world of constant transformation. I will help you to face the fears and bring you to the world of love and trust. There is no end to the journey of betterment and wellness. It is never too late to say yes to life! Expand your awareness, increase your physical strength, feel your boundless beauty, improve your well being, and refine your compassion. Remove the boundaries of the impossible and see that it is possible to reach the impossible!

Dr. Gerson had trust, strength, creativity and courage when he refused to accept the limitation of conventional medicine. He was told, "there is nothing that we can do for you, you will have these migraine headaches all your life!" How many of you have used drugs and surgery, felt better for awhile and later found yourself to be right back where you started? "We have given you all the drugs we could give you without killing you, we have opened your chest and your heart, and now there is nothing else we can do; we cannot even help you to die peacefully."

Dr. Gerson showed us the path of the hero to wellness. He did not believe in incurable disease. He had tremendous faith in life. His lifetime work and dedication has been a precious tool for both patients and practitioners. From his personal experience, patients learn determination to heal, regardless of prognostics from the medical authorities. From his professional experience, doctors may learn integrity in their service to humanity. Dr. Gerson did not give up until he found the true cause of disease: toxicity and deficiency. Detoxify the body from the harmful effects of drugs and chemicals that damage the organs and cells, clog the arteries and block the body's receptors. Rebuild the starving body and the immune system with foods rich in nutrients. Drugs and surgery do not heal. They just mask the symptoms temporarily. Angioplasty will be followed by another angioplasty then by-pass surgery and then what? You know it!

Dr, Gerson left us with the legacy of the healing power of whole foods and the power of the mind as a healer. Many thanks to him for serving humanity with his heroic journey into healing and for leaving us with the legacy of a life affirming medicine. Like Dr. Gerson, many of you did not give up and have undertaken the search for true healing. You changed your environment to serve your needs, rather than adapt to sickening circumstances. You had the strength to say good bye to lifestyles that were keeping you in slavery and misery. You dared to face yourself and live your truth. You became your own doctor. You changed your belief system and reversed conditions that were called terminal. To you, I say thank you for channeling the healing power of nature and celebrating the beauty of life in your journey to health!

I invite you to follow the path of the hero into wellness. There is no chronic illness, there is only chronic unconsciousness. With the will to live and the courage to change, most diseases are curable.

Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac, N.D.

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