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The Gerson Therapy is a long term nutritional program used successfully for over 50 years in the treatment and prevention of chronic degenerative disease, cancer in particular. The nutritional program consists of fresh organic vegetable juices, 3 meals per day made of raw and cooked food and supplemental vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The therapy is based on detoxification and nourishment of the body and restoration of the immune system.

Hawaii Gerson Therapy Program 's 2-week introduction
is designed to maximize your chances of successfully continue the therapy at home. If you need assistance in your daily activities you are required to come to our center with a companion. The companion may be your husband, your daughter or a friend. Both of you will be educated about all the aspects of the program.

carrot juice You will learn how to use the Norwalk juicer to prepare the juices. You will learn how to make the special soup and you will get practice on recipes that you like. We will help you to research the sources of organic food in your area, and prepare your kitchen for your new lifestyle. We will teach you how to administer your B12 injections. You will become familiar enough with the program so that it will be easy for you to manage it on your own.
You will be able to watch Charlotte Gerson on video as often as you wish, read our special practical guide to the Gerson Therapy, or have access to our special cancer library. You may attend lectures by Dr. Baylac on the dangers of processed food, salt, meat and dairy and the benefits of organic vegetables or on life style changes.
You may chose to be waited on the first week and observe from a distance. The second week, you may want to take a more active part into your therapy and help with the food preparation.

Medical supervision
Prior to your admission you must get specific lab tests, write an essay on your illness process, fill out a dietary journal and a health questionnaire. This information will be used to make sure you will benefit from the program and to individualize your treatment. Dr. Baylac will supervise the two-week program, do daily visits, and assist you in any problems that may arise in the course of the therapy. After the 2 week-program, follow up phone and email visits will be scheduled monthly. Mind-body counseling sessions and massage therapy are optional.

Group activities in the center or outside the center are available. Small group discussions, nature walks, saunas can be part of your stay. Short guided tours are available for our Japanese patients. What would be better than soaking in natural warm pools, admiring petrified forest or watching erupting volcanoes (for you if your condition permits or for your companion)

The success of the therapy depends on your desire to heal and on your personal commitment to change your lifestyle habits and nutritional patterns. In order to achieve these changes the mind must cooperate. We will help you with individual counseling or group work to examine your belief system about food, health and life in general. We will examine how you handle stress and losses. We will do our best to guide you and support you in the necessary changes through individual intervention or through a supportive environment. We make a conscious effort to create an environment conducive to more awareness and an enhanced will to live.

We will support your spiritual beliefs and put them at work in your healing process.

Reservation/application fee (initial consultation, extensive physical examination, laboratory results interpretation): $300
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The Gerson program also includes supplements and medication. Each person receives a 3 month supply or longer that they use while they are here at the clinic and take home with them to continue the therapy at home.
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To apply for this program you must send your medical records with your diagnosis, most recent lab test, and write an essay on your disease process and send it to Dr. Baylac at Mind Your Body.

If you are diagnosed with cancer - WHAT TO DO

Cured cancers - Gerson cancer case studies

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"Toxicity and deficiency are the causes of so-called "incurable" degenerative diseases. When the body is cleared from toxic materials and the mind from negative thoughts - individuals tend to spring back into health."

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