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Example of successful Prostate Cancer Recovery
via Gerson Therapy in 2007-2008

Survived advanced prostate cancer with Gerson therapy

by Yushiro Watanabe M.D.

I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, which cannot be treated with surgery or radiotherapy. The PSA level, a tumor marker of prostate cancer, was then as 900.7, and undifferenciated cancer cells were observed in my biopsy tissue. Metastatic focuses were found in a large area of lymph glands and lumbar bone. In general, patients who have prostate cancer with distant metastasis in lymph glands or bones are left finally with the hormone therapy. 60-80% of such patients will respond to the hormone therapy in the beginning, however, 35-40% of them will start not to respond to and it flares up within one year. Once it flares up, it is considered that no other effective treatment is available. I therefore decided to take Gerson therapy at the start of the hormone therapy in order to support it. In my case, it did not take a year for the hormone therapy to become ineffective, and it flared up. However, just around at the same time, Gerson therapy started to show its effectiveness, which resulted in a complete cure of my prostate cancer. It is considered that Gerson therapy is also effective for other advanced cancers. I would like to present my experence, which will be useful to all the patients who are suffering from various types of cancers.

Subject, Methods and Results
Patient: Sixty-seven years old, male, doctor
The patient is the author, myself. I took an annual gastroscopy and abdominal ultrasonography at the same time, the latter of which found that my prostate was large; the tumor marker for the prostate cancer, PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level was therefore measured. The result indicated a considerably high level of 742.1 (normal value: less than 4ng/ml).
Eight days later, when I took a complete check-up at Tokai University Hospital, the PSA level has increased to 900.7. A pathological test was conducted for six biopsy tissues of the prostate, which indicated that tumor cells were present in all six biopsy tissues. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer inapplicable to any surgery or radiotherapy because the cancer has spread to both lymph glands and the lumbar bone. Sicne February 2007, I started to take hormone therapy with 80mg of oral Casodex daily and subcutaneous injection of 3.75mg of Leuplin every 28 days. At the same time, I started Gerson therapy at home.
I had no prodrome, which could be suspected as prostate cancer. At that time, I was working at a hospital while taking a correspondence course at college called the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). I was in the second grade then and had to visit the college in Florida for schooling 5 times a year. On the day after coming back from U.S., I resumed working at the hospital. I experienced strong dizziness with the wall and ceiling turning around me on the second day, which made me unable to stand up or walk. In order to ease this dizziness I had to take intravenous injection of the relatively large amount of 120-180ml of 7% sodium hydrogen carbonate (Meylon). I thought it was caused by my blood being highly acidic due to fatigue from such business trips to the U.S. Therefore, I used to put the sodium hydrogen carbonate powder in tea and water and drank them to prevent such dizziness.

Fig.1 indicates changes of the PSA level, which can evaluate the spreading area of prostate cancer cells and the effectiveness of the treatment. The PSA level successfully continued decreasing from February to August 2007, however, it started to increase from September. In fact, shortly after starting to take Casodex orally, the serum transaminase (GPT) level, which is an indicator of hepatocyte destruction, increased (Fig.2).

It was considered drug-induced hepatic injury, thus the oral administration of Casodex was stopped from April. However, as the PSA level increased again after six months, oral administration of Casodex was resumed. The effect of Casodex was obvious as the PSA level, which once reached 17.6 in November, had decresed to 13.9 in December. Despite continuous use of Casodex and Leuplin, the PSA level started to increase again from January 2008. This second increase indicates that the small amount of contained cancer cells, which were resistant to the treatment were not sensitive to the hormone therapy and resulted in the flaring up. The second increase continued until February 2008 with the PSA level 17.7, and then rapidly decreased to normal. It can be considered that this improvement of the PSA level from February is not due to the effectiveness of the hormone therapy but that of Gerson therapy. The PSA level was stabilized then and did not increase again. Therefore, it is assumed that no PSA has been produced since February, which means that all cancer cells were destroyed and killed completely.

Fig.2 indicates changes of the GPT level showing the degree of hepatocye destruction during the treatment. GPT is the enzyme, which exists in the hepatocytes, and once hepatocyte is destroyed, this enzyme enters into the blood resulting in high GPT level in the blood. The GPT level in Febuary 2007 before starting the hormone therapy for the prostate cancer was normal (normal value; less than 35U/L). This suggests that even if cancer cells spread in large area of the body, hepatocyte damage cannot be observed. The treatment with administration of Casodex and Leuplin was started in February 2007. The GPT level increased from March 2007 to January 2008, during which it was found that hepatocyte has been destroyed. Despite continuous hormone therapy with Casodex and Leuplin, the GPT level has been maitained its normal level since February 2008, which suggests that hepatpcyte destruction observed at the initial period and afterwards was not caused by drug-induced hepatic injury due to the hormone therapy.

As the PSA level in Fig.1 shows, it is considered that the initial period when the hormone therapy was started matches the time when a large amount of cancer cells were destroyed, during which the contents of destoyed cancer cells act as cytotoxicity, resulting in destroying hepatocyte.
As seen Fig.2, when the administration of Casodex was stopped in April, the GPT level improved, which indicates that the effectiveness of hormone therapy significantly decreased due to the termination of Casodex administration, which also decreased destruction of cancer cells. At the same time as Fig.2 showing the changes in the GPT level which indicate the degrees of destroyed hepatocyte, it also shows the amount of destroyed cancer cells. The last GPT level increase in January 2008 indicates that all cancer cells were destroyed and killed at this time. It also indicates that cancer cells were no longer destroyed and it no longer existed after February when the GPT level became normal.
The PSA and GPT levels were measured with the blood collected at the inspection section of Tokai University Hospital.

Since February 2007 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I have been practicing a strict diet according to Gerson therapy, which doesn't include any salt, sugar, fat, and oil as well as meat, fish, egg and milk but a lot of carrot juice and vegetable juice.
Some study reports explain that sodium (Na) increases in cancer cells, however, it is not easy to measure Na and potassium (K) in the cells of the patients who are under Gerson therapy. The fundamental purpose of Gerson therapy is to restore immunity and self-curative powers to normal by bringing electrolytes in the cells, especially Na, K and chlorine (Cl), back to their normal conditions.
Table 1 indicates measurements of serum Na, K, Cl and urinary Na, K, Cl since I started Gerson

therapy in February 2007. While urinary Na, K and Cl showed significant changes over time,
serum Na, K and Cl showed no differences at all. While urinary Na and Cl have significantly decreased since starting Gerson therapy, K has gradually increased to a level higher than the normal value. In March 2007, the urinary Na : K ratio was 5 : 32.7 (1 : 6.54), which became 6 : 69.3 (1 : 11.55) with the increase of K in February 2008 and finally became 6 : 133.1 (1 : 22.16) in May 2009.
It was assumed that Na and K values in the cells could be roughly calculated by changes in these urinary Na and K values. According to the theory, the GPT level became normal as shown in Fig.2 and at the same time, the urinary Na : K ratio in February 2008 when PSA was not produced as shown in Fig.1 was 1 : 11.55. This suggested that no cancer cell could survive in my body from the time when the urinary Na : K ratio became 1 : 11.55. It was 12 months after the start of Gerson therapy. It is assumed that the period of 12 months is the time necessary for all 63 or 100 trillion cells including cancer cells in my body to be corrected without any exception.
It is also assumed that the reason why the cancer cells could no longer survive was because the immune system of the body and enzym system of all cells were able to act normally to bring immunity and curative powers back to original conditions through correcting electrolytes in the cells to bring it back to the original normal condition.
Serum Na, K and Cl were measured with the collected blood in the morning at the inspection section of Tokai University Hospital. Urinary Na, K and Cl were measured using a measuring device (Mitsubishi Chemical Medience Corporation) with the urine collected at Atsugi Satoh Hospital 3 hours after lunch.

Table 2 indicates a case of a hospitalized seventy-nine year old male patient with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). Changes were witnessed in one of the tumor marker of lung cancer, squamous cell carcinoma related antigen (SCC), as well in the serum and urinary Na, K and Cl of the patient. When he was suspected of having lung cancer through a chest CT scan in September 2007. The serum SCC level was 2.1 (normal level; less than 1.5ng/ml).

The SCC level has already increased to 13.1 at the time he was diagnosed with lung cancer in
November. When the cancer was active and the SCC level increased as high as 13.1, urinary Na and Cl significantly were decreasing and on the contrary, K was increasing. It was considered that when cancer cells were growing, Na was taken in, which resulted in large amount of K being released outside those cells. The serum Na, K and Cl levels stayed normal.
After coming back from U.S., I had to inject 7% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution in order to stop strong dizziness, and ironically I have been helping prostate cancer cells to grow by the act of supplementing this Na.

Without informing her of the purpose and the test items, I asked a healthy 42 years old female to supply her urine voluntarily, the result of which is indicated in Table 3. The item 1) of Table 3 indicates the urine collected before breakfast, which is supposed to have less influence of her diet, and the item 2) indicates the urine collected on the same day after lunch, which is influenced by what she has taken for lunch.

Gerson Therapy
My daily practice is to drink carrot juice and have a coffee enema before every meal for breakfast, lunch and supper. In addition, I drink vegetable juice twice between breakfast and lunch and lunch and suppor. The fourth coffee enema for the day is given before going to bed.
The recipe of making carrot juice is to blend 600g of organic carrot, one apple and half lemon with a juicer (Champion, U.S.), the amount of which will be 700ml. Likewise, the vegetable juice is made from several kinds of fresh organic green vegetables, half apple and half lemon by blending the same juicer, the amount of which will be 800ml. Therefore, the total amount of juice will be 2,100ml of carrot juice and 1,600ml of vegetable juice. I make juice and drink it immediately.
Coffee enema was given four times a day, for the first year as hepatocyte destruction was recognized. When the GPT level became normal in February 2008, the number of coffee enema was decreased to twice a day, before breakfast and supper, however, the same amount of juice was still taken.
As for meals strictly limited by Gerson therapy, the staple of the diet is brown rice and the subsidiaries are organic vegetable salad and boild organic vegetables. Natto, tofu and soybeans are all taken everyday. Only unheated linseed oil is used to replace oil, and olive oil is specifically used for frying. Additionally, taste articles such as alcohols, tabacco, coffee, tea, cakes, sweets and salty snacks were all forbidden. I have been continuing the diet completely avoiding salt, sugar, oil or fat as well as meat, fish, eggs and milk. Although slight anemia and under active thyroid function were observed during practicing such diet, the symptoms improved by taking iron and iodine preparation. After six months of Gerson therapy, my initial weight of 70Kg had decreased to 63Kg, which may be considered a result of lost Na being released outside the cells together with water in order to maintain normal Na level in the blood.

The coffee enema has a more significant effect than usual enema. Caffeine contained in coffee is absorbed in the colon, which activates glutathione S-transferase (GST) of the enzyme existing in colonic and hepatic cells, resulting in an increase in the original antidotal power of cells. It is believed that this enzyme activity will be increased by seven times with coffee enema. Dr. Gerson found that the liver is severely damaged by cytotoxicity existing in cancer cells when they are destroyed during Gerson therapy. The coffee enema is a remarkable method introduced to detox cytotoxicity in cancer cells and enhance bile outflow.
The coffee enema uses 900ml of drinking coffee cooled down to body temperature, all of which is injected from the anus into the colon with body in a right lateral recumbent position for 5 minutes, and then empting the bowels after leaving it inside the colon for 12-15 minutes. The coffee enema is normally given before each meal. The colon filled with coffee tends to contain gas on the surface of the liquid. When the gas is gathered in one place of the colon, the colon will get stressed. If this happens, it will be difficult to give enema. Therefore, if the gas starts to gather in one place, change the position by lying on the back and then take a left recumbent position so that the gas will emit sounds and spread inside the colon. This can prevent failure of the coffee enema. When gas fills the bowels, break gas and empty the bowels by going to the toilet before the enema in order for easy and successful coffee enema.
The advantage of Gerson therapy is that it can be practiced while continuing usual work. I had been seeing patients as a physician twice a week at Atsugi Satoh Hospital when I started the treatment for prostate cancer. Currently I work there 3 days a week.

Other factors
There are two effective but invisible factors, which contributed to my health recovery, which are sunshine and music. Sunshine supplies nutrition to green and trees, but it cannot be seen visually. It is also considered that sunshine is beneficial to the human body.
I have been growing vegetables in a small area of rented field for the purpose of sun bathing for almost 20 years. I have never used pesticide, insecticide or herbicide since that time. Even during the prostate cancer treatment, I enjoyed the feeling of the soil in the 300? field in growing organic vegetables. When I am not working at the hospital and it is sunny, I go to the field and enjoy cultivating. Since it is not so big, I do not have to use a power cultivator, but instead, I use my hands, hoe and sickle to cultivate and remove weeds. When I am touching the soil under the sun, sometimes I feel that I will be something more than what I am. Moreover, harvests, which include carrots, kale, cabbage and many more grown with energy by the sun and earth, gives me the utmost happiness.
Music is another factor, which can make us stand up from our seat and bring us to the peak of love and creation. I have been learning how to play the flute with a flutist, Mr. Akifumi Inoue for 11 years. I occasionally and voluntarily play flute in front of patients at the hospital and elder people at institutes. After playing in such places, I often found that my flute sounds better.
In general, it is known that human has seven chakras, which have seven colors with white refracted light, according to which humans have seven resonances. When I was taking classes at BBSH in Florida, Barbara Brennan directly taught us the following. There are various chakras, some of which have fallen down, do not rotate, and rotate reversibly. Such chakras will stand up and start rotating clockwise at the same rate to recover normal functions when a specific pitch of voice is given to each chakra by moving the mouth closer to them. A founder of BBSH, BBSHE (Europe school) and BBSHJ (Japan school), Barbara Brennan can see the changes of the chakra.
The following sounds are to rebuild, activate and charge each chakra. Low So (G), Re (D), Fa (F), So (G), La (A), high Re (D) and high So (G) are for the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakra, respectively. When the healer performs healing therapy, he/she will let each damaged chakra listen to the corresponding sound with a long tone several times. In our daily life, our chakras are rebuilt, activated and charged by the above sounds existing in music, which we hear through listening classical music, singing songs or playing musical instruments.

In 1980, Cameron et al reported that there are significantly higher levels of Na and Cl in tumor cells. Dr. Gerson has cited this from “Mineral Metabolism” written by A. Scholl. In infants, extracellular Na decreases from 112 mg to 48 mg and intracellular K increases from 51mg to 68 mg as the child matures. This indicates that more Na and less K exist in the infant’s internal environment compared with those of adults. When a hepatocyte becomes a hepatocellular carcinoma, it produces ?-fetoprotein (AFP) known as a fetal protein. AFP is produced in all healthy infants as can be observed in the high blood levels in all pregnant women. The hepatocellular carcinoma is said to be infant cellularization. When this cellularization takes place, and more Na and less K exist in the environment of the cells, cancer cells repeat the process of cellular division and proliferation, resulting in a cancer tumor. The hepatocellular carcinoma is not produced when people are carriers of the hepatitis C virus. It is thought that a hepatocellular carcinoma is produced when patients who are carriers of the hepatitis C virus develop cirrhosis, due to the hepatitis C virus or alcohol. The cirrhosis results in renal damage and decreased liver function or failure. No measureable record of Na, K or Cl on intercellular or intracellular fluid of the liver with cirrhosis has been found ; however, it seems that environments which have a poor balance between Na and K, develop cancers easily. This illustrates why Dr. Gerson emphasizes the intracellular balance between K and Na in the treatment of cancers.

 It took 12 months until the Gerson therapy became fully effective in treating my advanced prostate cancer with distant metastasis. The Gerson therapy becomes fully effective in prostate cancer without distant metastasis earlier. Recently, my younger brother, who was 65 years old at the time, was diagnosed when his PSA was 16.51 during a checkup and received a thorough examination at a Cancer Center Hospital. Although cancer cells were detected in a prostate biopsy, distant metastasis was not found. He started to receive a normal hormone therapy with Casodex and Leuplin and the strict Gerson therapy at the same time. As a result, his PSA decreased to 0.18 after 3 months of the therapy and further decreased to 0.02 after 6 months of the therapy. His urinary Na : K ratio was 11 : 174.0 (1 : 15.81) after 3 months of the therapy.
 The mechanism of developing cancers (cell canceration) has not yet been sufficiently identified. Cell canceration cannot be prevented. Cancers are said to start from one cell. One canceration cell does not have to be treated as strictly as the Gerson therapy which is used for cancer therapy; however, changing daily diet to the one made based on the Gerson therapy can kill canceration cells when only one canceration cell exists. I have continued practicing the diet prescribed in the Gerson therapy for almost 2 1/2 years and I am fine.
Proper functioning of the liver and kidney is important for the success of the Gerson therapy. The liver has to detoxify cytotoxicity while the hepatocyte is destroyed by the release of cytotoxicity from cancer cells destroyed by the Gerson therapy. The kidney has to maintain acceptable levels of serum K while controlling large amounts of K which are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood. During the Gerson therapy, the kidney has to maintain Na and Cl in the blood at normal levels, although ingested Na and Cl are extremely limited. I recommend that patients with abnormalities in their liver or kidney consult with doctors in hospitals or clinics where the Gerson therapy is taught, before taking the Gerson therapy in the patient's home. Regardless of the duration of the therapy, livers of patients who have received a therapy with anticancer drugs, are probably damaged as a result of detoxifying anticancer drugs and cytotoxicity of cancer cells destroyed by anticancer drugs. Kidney damage also occurs due to anticancer drugs. Patients with such cases need to be hospitalized to receive the Gerson therapy under the proper instruction of doctors who use the Gerson therapy. Otherwise, depending on case, hepatic encephalopathy or hepatic coma symptoms may develop as the cell poisons exceed liver detoxification capability. If patients are hospitalized, treatment for the symptoms can be promptly taken.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. It is also increasing in Japan. Although the hormone therapy is the only therapy for the patients with distant metastasis, who are not the candidates for surgeries and can be effective, it will be soon ineffective and flares up in many cases. Also in my case, the prostate cancer flared up, however, it was completely cured with Gerson therapy. All doctors in the world sincerely hope that all cancer patients will be cured. The Gerson therapy is an alternative therapy, which can be practiced not only by professionals but also patients themselves and it can be done at home. The hormone therapy for the prostate cancer normally shows its effectiveness at an early stage, while the Gerson therapy shows it gradually. Therefore, it is necessary to start the Gerson therapy early and continue it for at least one year. I truly hope that the effectiveness of the Gerson therapy will be known by a number of people and there will be a time when all cancer patients will be cured.

I would like to thank my wife, Reiko who has devotedly given me continuous support in preparing my specific diet.

1. A CANCER THERAPY by Max Gerson
2. THE GERSON THERAPY by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker

Author: Yushiro Watanabe M.D.
Author's email adress :
Born in Niigata prefecture, Japan
1971 Graduated from Niigata University School of Medicine
1982-1992 Assistant professor, Department of Internal Medicine, St. Marianna University School of Medicine
1993-2000 Associate professor, Department of Internal Medicine, St. Marianna University School of Medicine
2000-2005 Vice-director, Soujiji Tsurumi General Hospital
2006- Physician, Atsugi Satoh Hospital
1989-1992 Visiting researcher, Laboratory of Hepatitis II, Department of Enterovirouses, National Institute of Health, Tokyo

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