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lava The Big Island of Hawaii
Located on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawai'i, our healing center is a doorway to rare and magical natural sites. Woven by the powerful hands of Pele, the Hawai'ian goddess spreading her trail of fire to the sea, are charming warm pools, secluded steam vents, and pristine bottomless crater lakes intertwined with lush tropical jungle and arid lava fields.
The air is fresh and pure making each breath an awakening experience. The energy is strong and clear, making transformation and "letting go of the old" a keynote characterizing the life of those who set foot on this land. Harmonizing with this powerful raw energy allows for deep relaxation to occur and healing to take place.

Nature is the greatest healer. This is why we like to include wilderness activities in our healing programs for our visitors. The big island has many natural wonders that bring joy to us. We would be very happy to take you in our mini van and show you these beautiful sites. There is no interference with your therapy! We make sure that the timing of the tours flows with the juice and meal schedule, and we pack juices and food if necessary! Alternatively, you can use a rental car and take private trips. The morning market trips are free. Here are the most common trips we do:
  • Morning market trips;
  • Half-day trip: Warm Ponds & swimming / or Kapoho Tide Pools & snorkeling / or Kehena Black Sands & Sunday market;
  • Late Afternoon Tour: Kalapana New Beach and Kava Bar (for kava kava drinks);
  • Afternoon Tour: Kehena - Kalapana Combo (short lava hike) / or Volcano National Park (short lava hikes) / or Volcano Park Hikes (long lava hike);
  • Evening Tour: "White Mountain" Mauna Kea Observatory (stargazing);
  • A trip to view the volcano. Depends on eventual active eruptions.

Kilauea Volcano
Our patients on many occasions have enjoyed a beautiful spectacle from the Kilauea Volcano, e.g. during the spring of 2008, when these photos were taken. The glow from the eruptions was visible from the retreat. Find the latest USGS volcano update here.
Find a Volcano map here and close-up map here.
NEWS STORY May 11, 2008:
Big Island's volcano is belching gas again

Madame Pele is getting around - or at least her perfume is. The goddess who lives in the Big Island volcano of Kilauea, according to Hawaiian legend, has seen an increase in activity in her home lately. A plume of ash continues to billow from the Halema'uma'u vent, after bursting forth on March 11; eight days later, Kilauea's summit saw its first explosive eruption since 1924.

schools of fish Hydrotherapy in the geothermal pools
The warm pond trip goes to the geothermal pools by Kapoho, where a mix of sea water and warm fresh spring water are endowed with wonderful wound healing properties. Floating, diving and dancing in the waters and with the water, release sorrow, loneliness and sadness as well as small aches, pains and itches. Less than a mile away, the "champagne pool" inhabited by colorful tropical fishes and strong and peaceful turtles, offers a soothing underworld to be happily reborn into.

Natural steam vents
A short drive away from the warm ponds there is a natural sauna, which is a magical wonder on a cloudy, rainy day. On such a day, the nurturing hot steam of Pele's vital breath offers a stimulating contrast with the cool refreshing rain showers.

dolphins Kapoho Crater and Green Lake
Close to Kapoho is also an ancient horseshoe shaped volcanic crater with a canopy of flowering tropical trees, undulating thick green meadows and a great variety of fruit trees. Here papayas, coconuts, avocados, mangos, breadfruits, bananas and many other fruits, provide ample food for animals, birds and people. A portion of the crater is filled with a freshwater lake inhabited by shimmering schools of fish and home of colorful birds and ducks. Kapoho Crater is a lesson in abundance, generosity and splendor. The crater invites the visitor to sit, meditate and absorb her teachings or to lay down and get nourished by her deep wisdom. It is a great place to walk and explore the jungle.

red flowering trees Tidal pools and walks along the ocean
Sunny secluded Kehena beach is blessed by the presence of dolphins swimming and playing near the shoreline, a precious addition to usual beach activities or relaxing on the warm sand or being immersed in the rhythm of the pulsating waves. Numerous paths and trails provide access to the spectacular coast lines and crashing surf as well as to secluded locations for safe swimming and snorkeling in sheltered tidal pools.

Black sand beaches
Just half an hour drive away, it is possible to see the molten lava of the volcano merges with the Pacific Ocean. Kilauea Volcano is the home of the Goddess Pele. Witnessing this show is the ultimate experience taking you into the cellular memory of primordial beginnings. This magnificent spectacle of creation penetrates deeply into the unconscious and is truly unforgettable.

"The art of healing comes from nature not physicians. Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." - Paracelcus

Champagne pool - swimming with turtles turtle Champagne pool - swimming with turtles
The Retreat
Hidden from neighbors and surrounded by Ohi'a lehua, the red flowering trees, our small center is providing a quiet space to support a healing experience on the spiritual emotional and physical level.

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