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For the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative diseases
Medical nutrition, meditation, yoga, exercise and psycho emotional therapies.

Our philosophy

We believe in the innate power of the body to heal and regenerate. We only intervene to support this natural process. We believe in treating the cause of disease rather than suppressing symptoms. We believe in assessing the whole person and strengthening the immune system rather than treating a disease. We understand disease as the failure of the immune system, overburdened by cumulative assaults from the environment.
Diseases change with time and cultures. The hallmark of our modern culture is a toxic environment and a nutrient-deficient soil, causative of the so-called "incurable" degenerative diseases. When the body is cleared from toxins, and the mind free from limiting patterns, the life force rebounds, homeostasis returns and individuals tend to spring back into health.

Our medical approach

In addition to appropriate conventional and alternative testing, we routinely perform hair tissue analysis or mineral urine analysis to detect mineral imbalance and heavy metal toxicity. Digestion being the culprit of our therapy, we often perform stool analysis tests when digestion is compromised, as indicated. At registration, we request your medical records, a recent CBC, a comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid studies, and any pertinent blood work or imaging studies reports that are appropriate to your personal situation.

Patients have an extended visit with the doctor when they arrive and will be monitored regularly thereafter. Physical exams are performed as needed. In cases of healing crises or aggravation, visits are conducted frequently.

The Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy is practiced in accordance with the principles established by the Gerson Institute and the therapy is delivered in the original form developed by Dr. Gerson. The number, quantity of juices and enemas and medication dosage is determined by the vital force and the toxicity level of each patient.

Special treatments

Patients may be shown how to do castor oil packs, clay packs, and hydrogen peroxide baths.

Duration of Stay

We recommend a 2 week minimum stay and in some cases, in particular brain cancer and extensive metastasis, we recommend a 3 week stay. We prefer to start every one at the same time on the 1st and 14th of each month, but anyone can start at any time, provided that we have space at the facility.


We emphasize patient's responsibility in taking charge of their therapy. From the beginning, patients are encouraged to follow their juice and medication schedule and keep track of their basal body temperature and weight, with the help of their companions. This way, habits are established early during the therapy and more likely to be continued at home.

Psycho-emotional health

During their stay patients receive support from other patients and caregivers to process their thoughts and feelings. They journal, share themselves verbally or through their creative expression. In-depth psychotherapeutic sessions with Dr. Baylac are available. Reichian Therapy, Gestalt therapy, awareness techniques and massage may be used during these sessions.


The "laughter and tears meditation" is an hour long meditation including 20 minutes laughter, followed by 20 minutes of crying and 20 minutes of silence. Vipassana consists of sitting silently observing the breath and thoughts. Full moons and new moons may be the opportunity for healing circles and positive affirmations rituals. Ask for what you want.

Adjunct therapies

Pain management techniques include coffee enema, the pain triad, Reiki, meditation, castor oil packs, clay packs, hydrogen peroxide bath. We may use herbal teas before and after a water fast and during the Gerson Therapy program. We use the sauna for heavy metal detoxification and cardiovascular health programs. Yoga, weight training, swimming, soaking in natural warm springs are used when indicated. DVDs & CDs teaching EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and the Law Of Attraction, are available.

Medical Conditions

We treat conditions such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, migraine headache, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, addictions, infertility, autoimmune diseases, heavy metal toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivity, eating disorders, sexual disorders and depression. We recommend a 2 week annual detoxification program for general health maintenance, disease prevention and optimum health.

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Dr. Baylac is a trained Gerson therapist

Dr. Baylac is a experienced Gerson therapist, who was trained by the Gerson Institute in San Diego, CA. She successfully completed her Gerson training in 2002, and has since then practiced Gerson Therapy fulltime at the Hawaii Gerson Therapy Program . For several years after her certification in 2002 she worked closely with the Gerson Institute.
Since 2008 Hawaii Gerson Therapy Program is independent of the Gerson Institute. Dr. Baylac doesn't entertain a business relationship with the Gerson Institute anymore, nor pays any fees to it.

The Staff

"Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center Inc." was founded in July of 2003 by Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac, a naturopathic physician and psychotherapist. Her medical practice is focused on nutrition and the mental/emotional aspect of illness, and consists mostly of residential programs: the Gerson Therapy for cancer, and a raw food and juicing program for other degenerative diseases. The kitchen is staffed from 7:30 in the morning until 7:00 at night with 2 vegan chefs. We have a secretary and a landscaper. We often have medical students who are visiting and partake in the maintenance of the center.

Nature is the greatest healer. This is why we like to include wilderness activities in our healing programs for our visitors. The big island has many natural wonders that bring joy to us. We would be very happy to take you in our mini van and show you these beautiful sites. There is no interference with your therapy! We make sure that the timing of the tours flows with the juice and meal schedule, and we pack juices and food if necessary!

Juice Time
Hawaii coast Organic produce from Hilo's farmer's market

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Retreat Information
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Dr. Baylac speaks English, French & Spanish

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